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Scott Schopieray

Birth of a framework

1 min read

"Don't Let Perfect Be the Enemy of the Good

Developing a process framework for doing just about anything is sometimes a daunting task, especially since the first step for many of us when we are asked to develop one is to hit up google, which yields somewhere in the neighborhood of 350M results. In my experience, this adds to the overwhelming nature of the request and yields a response of requesting time to think and work on it, pushing deadlines out further than what are ideal. Time is necessary to do a complete process framework, of course, but many frameworks are born out of a quick look at current procedure and documenting those, then returning to the pieces and detailing them.

Process frameworks contain the following elements - they are 

CAL a11y process overview

In the above example, we documented an existing set of procedures into the beginnings of a framework in about 5 minutes.


In writing this I found Leveraging Process Frameworks to Simplify Process Management by Jeff Varney to be quite helpful.