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Scott Schopieray

CPIL Academy

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Pile of legosToday marks the start of morphing the CAL Research and Digital Presence Symposium that we’ve been offering for several years into the CPIL Academy, an umbrella for all of our work we are doing around paths to leadership, digital presence, public scholarship, research strategies, collaborative work and project management (among others). 

This post outlines some of the components we are working through as a part of the academy. We take a sort of bricolage approach to this work, with a number of the components that can be swapped into and out of the work.

Pathways to Intellectual Leadership

This is the stepping stones, milestones and horizon events

Digital Presence: Online Profiles


Digital Presence: Domains


Creating a fundable idea/strategy


Working as a collaborative team


Project Management



photo courtesy of justgrimes on flickr