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Scott Schopieray

Questions for CPIL App - Draft 0.0.1

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Reflective Component

These are the questions to be considered as one reflects back on the prior year of work.

  • What are the things that you set out to do last year?
  • Did you accomplish these things that you said you would accomplish?
  • If not what prevented you from accomplishing them?
  • Are there things you accomplished this year that are not in your list of things you set out to do?


Critical Planning

  • What are three things you plan to accomplish in the coming year?
  • When will you know that you have accomplished them?
  • How do you plan to reflect throughout the year to understand your progress toward them?
  • What will you do on a daily basis to ensure that you were moving toward those goals?


  • How do these future accomplishments fit into the way you want to move your career forward over the longer term?
  • How are these things related to both shorter-term and longer-term goals?
  • How are you going to work with your supervisor, mentor, team, etc. to move toward these goals?